A 3-step healthcare ideation journey .

Embrace the challenge of merging SDOH and SDGs to spur healthcare innovation. Let this ideation workshop and these cards guide your brainstorming sessions, pushing the boundaries of thinking towards sustainable health practices.

Why act now?

Empower innovation

Dive into creating healthcare solutions that don’t just meet today’s needs but are prepared for tomorrow. Embrace an approach that marries health equity with environmental stewardship, paving the way for truly transformative outcomes.

Simplify Complexity

Cut through the complexities of social and environmental considerations. Streamline the process to integrate these critical factors into your innovation journey, ensuring your projects are both impactful and responsible.

Boost creative synergy

Catalyze creativity by fostering an environment where diverse ideas and perspectives thrive. Engage in dynamic collaborations that push boundaries and lead to healthcare innovations that respect our planet and serve everyone.


Begin your innovative health journey

Ideate a future where healthcare respects our planet's limits. Start your ideation journey to explore how your next big idea can contribute to a healthier tomorrow. Still need more information? Book here a short introduction of the workshop.