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Focusing on 4 domains to

create deep impact and value

Increase business growth & customer engagement

Building Innovation

A +15 year legacy of construction industry knowledge enables our researchers, experts, product, digital and business designers to deliver validated solutions for our clients, but also consumers, for cities, infrastructures, and the environment. This gives us a unique vantage point on the future of the industry and enables us to accelerate your innovation and growth.

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Accelerating positive impact on people, planet, profit.


We need to act now. 
We need better solutions. 
We need to innovate for a better world.
 We use the power of design and innovation to challenge the status-quo and come up with better solutions. 

At Made we combine behavioral research, eco-design, business modeling and digital expertise. This enables us to define, design and deliver impactful new products, services and business models.

 How will you contribute to a more sustainable future?

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Human-centered design for healthier lives


We combine human-centered insights and technological opportunities, by applying the design thinking methodology to the unique challenges of Health. It is time to co-design and (re)invent patient experiences, medical products, interfaces, services, ecosystems and business models. We define new perspectives, both for and with patients, HCPs, start-ups, SMEs, corporates and institutions.

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Use of Barco Health Display

Phygital experiences to unlock new revenue.

Smart Products

With a +15 year legacy on the crossroad of technologic and user centric innovation, we design and deliver game changing connected products and solutions. We bridge the gap between digital and physical design & development into an integrated phygital experience. This is how we unlock new revenue opportunities for our customers.

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Product & service strategy team

We're the right kind of difficult

We know when to push and when to deliver.
We take ideas to execution, it is not just what we do, it is how we combine our expertises & tools in a journey of change that aims to deliver.

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