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Healthcare is facing an unprecedented innovation opportunity: advances in health technology, changing customer expectations, increased digital health adoption, an accelerated shift from volume to value strategies and finally, new ecosystem collaboration paradigms force us to rethink “What’s next?”.

At Made we combine human-centered insights and technological opportunities, by applying the design thinking methodology to the unique challenges of Health.

It is time to co-design and (re)invent patient experiences, medical products, interfaces, services, ecosystems and business models. We define new perspectives, both for and with patients, HCPs, start-ups, SMEs, corporates and institutions.

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Download our latest white paper How co-design can lead to value-adding patient experiences

This white paper explores how design thinking can lead to more patient-centric innovation. More particularly, our aim is to inspire you to look into the potential of "co-design" and how it can be a tool to discover, define, design and deliver value-adding patient experiences in your healthcare environment.

Discover how co-design can lead to improved patient outcomes, higher levels of satisfaction, and a more efficient healthcare system.

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We design and deliver solutions across different healthcare topics

As a multidisciplinary innovation partner, Made aspires to excite change for healthier lives by turning disruption into opportunity and designing solutions and experiences that matter.

Human Centric Health

We embrace a “human-centric” approach to Health design. Involving and collaborating with our intended audiences. By doing so, we gain a deep understanding of their (in)direct needs and establish a clear view of the problems they face.

Ecosystem Value Exploration

Systemic problems need a new way of interacting between stakeholders. We explore, define, co-design and deliver new joint-value opportunities in the Health Ecosystem. Always collaborating closely with both industry partners and consumers.

Digital Health

We combine insights gained from observing human behavior with technological opportunities. Identifying, designing and building innovative Digital Health solutions. These solutions grow the business and improve the quality of life of end-users.

Value Strategy

We help companies in MedTech and Pharmaceuticals to shift from “Volume to Value”. Uncovering implied patient, clinical and non-clinical market needs. We test, validate and deliver value-based care strategies and market access roadmaps. 
All in close collaboration with global multidisciplinary teams.

Design for Patient Education

Impactful health and disease education needs a high level of participation and engagement. At Made, we co-create clear and engaging educational materials. For increased well-being and therapy compliance, we involve patients and clinical stakeholders throughout the design process.

Legacy and in depth industry knowledge

Throughout the past 15 years, Made has partnered with leading and innovative brands within the Health industry. Innovating for and with start-ups, scale-ups, SME’s, corporates and institutions. Giving us a unique advantage point on the future of the industry and enabling us to accelerate innovation and growth.

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People are becoming consumers of their own health, and they understand what a good experience looks like. With empathy as our innovation catalyst, we can turn complex problems into exciting health opportunities.

Niels Van Espen, Health Innovation & Design Director

We have a unique methodology to enable healthcare innovation with impact

Throughout our design process, we always strive to balance between user needs, business goals and technological opportunities.

Patient-centric co-design Designing with and for patients.

By involving patients, HCPs or industry stakeholders at the design table and building on these three pillars, Made co-designs and develops patient-centric pathways, medical products and experiences. Only through close cooperation, we can build solutions that patients and providers love.

Health Ecosystem Sprint Reshaping an industry, together.

A new level of creativity and collaboration is required to innovate successfully and take advantage of the promise of (digital) technologies while relieving pressure on limited resources.

The Made "Health Ecosystem Sprint" allows companies to explore joint-value propositions and powerful partnerships that have the potential to reshape and disrupt the industry.

Market Access Valorization Track Maximizing your value opportunity.

We support companies in Pharma and Medtech with their global market value and access strategies by exploring, defining, capturing and conveying the value of medical products or services.

- How do patient journeys differ by patient segment, market or country?
- Who are the key clinical and non-clinical stakeholders and what is their decision-making process?
- What value proposition solves best for the different stakeholder needs?
- With what pricing strategy and at what price point might we capture the value that we have defined?

Value Based Care Strategy From product supplier to solution provider.

We are facing a Volume-to-Value Revolution where the health marketplace is being redesigned from the patient’s perspective.

Made enables corporate players to shift their strategy from “supplying products” to “providing solutions”, resulting in superior outcomes and care experiences.

We help you actionably tackle this unprecedented innovation opportunity to redefine your strategy “beyond the pill”.

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Eager to discuss creative ideas and solutions that enhance human wellbeing in the context of care? Made's Health Innovation and Design Director Niels Van Espen is available to discuss them with you. Together we can find a way to apply the design thinking method to the unique challenges of Healthcare.

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