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      Increase business growth and customer engagement.

We understand your challenges

We have strategized, co-created, and delivered multiple (digital and non-digital) business strategies for renowned brands.

Our team confers with the architects, installers, contractors, users, and more. We have mapped their needs for 17 years, understand what needs to be done, and move quickly from idea to POC to product.

Business impact

A lead-generating platform, phygital user experience, data-driven services... We balance the need for design with the need to launch quickly and cost-effectively. We focus on core features and quick validation to ensure we achieve a business impact.

What we do




GUI & product design awards.



Time it takes to go from an idea to a validated minimum viable product

Homes per day


To meet the 2050 EU goals, all 10y old buildings need to be upgraded by 2050. The potential is now

Years of experience


Vast experience and established network in Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial technology and Engineering

Our work

      Manufacturing delivered.

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