Made launches
Go circular .

Driven by its ambition to define what’s next, Made is proud to announce the launch of Go Circular, a business accelerator to empower businesses to successfully transition from linear to circular business models and turn ambitions into real opportunities.

In an era marked by rapid environmental decline and a pressing need for sustainable solutions, the latest findings from the Circular Gap Report are an urgent call for immediate action. The report indicates a 20% decline in global circularity since 2019, underscoring a distressing trend: the world is moving in the opposite direction of circularity at a time when the imperative for such practices has never been more critical. With the potential to reduce carbon emissions by 22.8 billion tonnes and the promise of creating up to 3 million additional jobs within the EU, the circular economy is not just a necessity for our planet but an unprecedented opportunity for our economy.

The urgency is real
we need to Go Circular now

Despite the growing interest of businesses to embrace the circular model and its potential, a significant gap remains between ambition and action. Many enterprises struggle to navigate through the chaos of transformation, leaving behind existing structures in order to embrace circular principles.

With the launch of Go Circular, Made offers an agile collective of experts specializing in transforming traditional practices into circular strategies that reduce waste, optimize resource use whilst adding value to the business and its stakeholders. The unique and proven approach offers 3 core building blocks that will accelerate the transition through providing sustainable, digitally enabled circular business models.

Ecosystem to pilot and scale

Offering an expansive network of device manufacturers, retailers, brands, data experts, payment providers, and washing facilities. From pilot projects to full-scale implementation, Made establishes and scales circular ecosystems in real-world scenarios

Digital Backbone to Manage

Go Circular integrates a digital ecosystem into the circular model, leveraging a robust digital infrastructure. With a dedicated development team, data scientists, and engineers, Made crafts optimal data platforms or provides access to existing platforms facilitating circular business models

Value Creation Model to Win

Go Circular embodies an innovative approach to accelerate realistic business models that function at scale. Using a lean methodology, Go Circular continuously builds, learns, and iterates, ensuring efficient supply chains and enhanced customer value.

The scan, pilot, scale approach:
A blueprint for Circular transition

At the heart of Go Circular's strategy lies the Scan, Pilot, Scale approach, a methodology designed to turn the challenges of the circular transition into tangible opportunities.

Scan: Evaluates the specific challenges and opportunities within each business's ecosystem.

Pilot: Allows businesses to test, refine, and perfect their strategies through targeted pilot projects.

Scale: Focuses on expanding successful initiatives to embed circular practices into the fabric of business operations, fostering widespread change.

Thought leaders in circularity:

Harnessing expertise from pioneering companies that have shown the way, Made strengthens the team with the sustainability authority Tom Domen. Tom played a crucial role in building the iconic Ecover brand. He is a pioneer in driving reuse and recycling models, collaborating with a vast network of changemakers around the globe. He has worked on cross industry pilots, putting the theory of the circular economy into practice with a realistic view on the challenges to overcome. Tom is also on the board of Kringwinkel, a Belgian organization that gives a second life to what otherwise would be considered waste.



Scanning for circular business opportunities within the company. Assessing the viability, desirability and feasibility to unlock circular business models as a first step.

  • Company & product scan

  • Market & legislation scan

  • Logistics analysis

  • Business case potential

  • Key recommendations

Start scanning for opportunities



Testing the circular model in a controlled environment at the earliest stage, allowing for learning and adaptation before full-scale implementation.

  • Pilot set up, powered by 
Made eco-system

  • Product & packaging design

  • Custom digital platform

  • Digital Product Passport

  • Data collection & analysis

  • Business case refinement

  • User testing

How to set up a circular pilot



To expand the model across multiple locations or products, integrating learnings from the pilot to ensure success at a larger scale.

  • Implementation plan

  • Supply chain integration

  • Final business case

  • Digital integration with existing ERP platforms

  • Marketing and communication support

  • Continuous monitoring and improvements

  • Sustainability reporting

Start scaling & integrating

Ready to make your and everyone else’s future more sustainable? 

Tom is a pioneer in driving reuse and recycling models, collaborating with a vast network of changemakers around the globe.

Jonas is a long term heavy weight sustainability champion at Made, helping companies innovate for a net zero future.