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Revolutionizing Maritime Logistics: T-Mining's Blockchain Breakthrough.

While T-Mining had established a strong local presence with a unique selling point centred around security; they recognized a need to diversify their appeal for global expansion. The challenge was to articulate and leverage the broader benefits of their solutions, which remained underexplored and under communicated.

Our mission was to guide T-Mining in uncovering these latent value propositions, ensuring that their offerings resonated not just at the local level, but also appealed to global headquarters and international partners. This required a strategic shift from a security-focused USP to a multifaceted value narrative.

Understanding value opportunities

Employing a suite of strategic tools, including the value proposition canvas, the team crafted a pitch deck that captured these newly identified values for T-mining’s key stakeholders. This involved an intricate analysis of stakeholder needs, leading to fruitful discussions with major carriers and decision-makers.

The outcome was a comprehensive understanding of value opportunities across four primary areas:

  • reinforcing brand reputation

  • achieving operational excellence

  • enriching customer experience

  • driving digital innovation.

      Bridging the Communication Gap. Unveiling the true value of T-mining's Blockchain in Maritime Logistics.

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Our strategy team then put forth 54 potential value statements, each extending beyond the core offering of security. These were rigorously tested through engagement with T-mining's customer base, ensuring the benefits were not only pertinent but also highly regarded. Nearly 80% of these benefits were validated as essential.

We guided T-Mining in recognizing and articulating the diverse values of their SCR solution. Key deliverables from our collaboration included:

  • A Pitch Deck designed to effectively communicate the expanded value proposition to global audiences.

  • A tailored Strategic Roadmap outlining actionable steps for T-Mining’s scaling journey, ensuring a structured and focused approach to global expansion.

  • A revised and enriched White Paper reflecting the broader scope of T-Mining’s offerings, aligning with the new global strategy.

Paving the Way for Global Expansion

Now, with a value proposition that clearly articulates the multifaceted benefits of their SCR solution, T-mining is ready to advance its global presence. Safety, security, and digital innovation remain at the helm of their message, while operational excellence and customer experience are underscored as critical supporting benefits.

Aligning with Evolving Industry Needs

As T-mining moves forward, they are intent on aligning their product roadmap with these identified customer-centric benefits. The aim is to future-proof their offerings, expand services, and maintain alignment with the logistics industry's evolving needs. This will include ongoing validation of benefits to reinforce their market position.


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