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Elevating conference system engagement.

Televic, a global manufacturer of conference systems, took note when its clients expressed frustration with meetings yielding subpar results due to attendee disengagement. With carte blanche from Televic, Made redefined the Confidea: Televics high-end solution. Made embarked on creating an intuitive system that maximized functionality while maintaining ease of use.

A new global standard in conference systems

The Confidea emerged as a blockbuster, setting a new standard in conference systems with its wired and wireless delegate units. With Made's expertise in Televic's design language, the Confidea became instantly recognizable and propelled Televic from a fast follower to the market leader in this segment, trusted by global institutions & corporations for formal meetings.

Getting phygital - Innovative integration

Televic's newest system showcases an optimal integration of both physical and digital elements. The device seamlessly blends into the meeting environment, and premieres the invaluable and break-through USP of offering precise control over attendee focus. Extensive research informed concept development, validated in the market, and subsequently guided through engineering to mass production-readiness.

Simplifying with user-centric design

Made approached the challenge by prioritizing user needs and task-oriented functionality. Amidst a market filled with flashy tech-driven and distracting features, Made opted for simplicity, focusing on displaying only essential information during meeting topics, such as voting buttons only when needed and by deleting everything that was not essential.


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