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      A web-based solution, focused on intuitive UX.

Televic Conference has been building innovative conference solutions for years. They were feeling the need to turn their software-based model into one web-based digital solution. As Made knows the Televic product portfolio inside and out after years of collaboration, we knew where to go with this digital-first challenge.

Before, users had to download multiple software applications to set up and manage a meeting, meaning everything was scattered and they had no centralized spot to control all meeting functionalities. We identified this strong need and managed to turn it into an all-in-one solution: a web-based tool that allows different users with different needs to set up and control a meeting.

Made functioned as a digital design partner to ensure the user-experience would be seamless and intuitive. This resulted in Confero 360, a strong and viable product that shows us the opportunities in digital transformation.


Months to launch 1.0


Increase in city council projects


Times faster system configuration

Taking Televic conference into a new era of digital first solutions

With Confero 360 we helped Televic towards a digital-first future, one that still has much more to offer. The solution that we’ve built will become the backbone for new extensions. Seeing the increase in city council projects, but also the need of a higher meeting efficiency throughout the market, we made sure the tool is scalable. Both in functionalities such as new meeting controls as for new users-personas, meaning bigger meeting setups with more attendees.

This allows Televic to become a strong digital pioneer in the conferencing market.

We found 1 solution for 3 different users, with 3 different needs

Confero 360 is based on roles and functionalities. Each user has specific access to functionalities. The interface will only show what’s needed for a specific user. With a personalized login, users are able to access their personal dashboard with only those features they need to manage or control a meeting.

Technician: Sets up the meeting
By selecting devices, defining the room layout and assigning user roles.

Chairperson: Manages the meeting
When the voting starts, the chairperson manages speaker- and request list, starts recording and manages the output.

Operator: Controls the meeting
By defining audio settings, switching delegates and controlling device settings.

Understanding the market before diving in

Creating a solution solving different user needs in a technical environment, required us to first take a step back and analyze all the different parts of the conferencing market. Thereby we focused mainly on the city council and rental market, but we also took bigger institutions into account to come up with a strong product strategy.

A close collaboration between Televic ‘s product owners and Made ‘s design team helped us in understanding:

  • How the market is positioned

  • How the driving technology works

  • What the needs of the users are

We mapped out the entire product and user ecosystem to fully grasp the process and the different touchpoints for the different users.

Prototyping speeds up validation

The complexity of designing Confero 360 was lying in the duality of the meeting dashboard.
We needed to find the best fitting solution so users could control all delegates within a meeting and at the same time have visual feedback on their microphone modes and voting results.

Of course, this could be done in many ways so by doing rapid prototyping with small animations, we could very easily see the different behavior the dashboard could have and what the impact was going to be.

Design systems make development go smoothly

Televic wanted to go-to-market fast and so the development of Confero needed to go smooth.

That’s why we built a design system and a component library so, from a user-expierence and design point of view, any question that might arise during development, every new functionality or new page could easily be made with the same visual components as other pages. A clear design system helps developers to go faster by working more independently and efficiently.

This is just the beginning of a journey towards...

Warmly welcomed by the market we now know that Confero 360 as we know it today is only the beginning of a successful story. Clients choose for a future-oriented platform, meaning that Confero 360 is the start of a future-proof software solution for conferencing.

By being nominated for a UX Design Award short after the first release, we received the confirmation that our approach and end-solution led to a user-centric product, ready to rock the market!


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