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      Providing clear control for clean harbors.

Air quality becomes increasingly important in port environments. Organizations like World Ports Climate Initiative (WPCI) urge vessels to minimize the use of diesel generators for on-board power supply.

Our client offers a sustainable solution for vessels at berth, providing electricity via Onshore Power Supply (OPS) systems. Made was asked to enhance the user-friendliness and transparency of the solution, so we turned it into Smart Shore Boxes with an intuitive platform.

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Smart shore boxes


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Made built a web-based platform, connected to the shore boxes. It has multiple features:

  • A realtime geographical map of the available shore boxes

  • A personal user account to book and pay online

  • A tool to digitally activate and manage the shore box

  • A realtime dashboard to monitor your power consumption

  • A transparent utility management solution for port authorities and Techelec’s technical team, providing technical insights about individual shore boxes


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