How we transformed Renson's Healthbox.

UI Design

      Digital ventilation, creating connected added value.

People spend over 90% of their life indoors. Despite this, indoor air pollution stays an underestimated health risk due to a general lack of knowledge.

Together with Renson, we set out to tackle these knowledge and communication gaps with a digital solution.

Before ventilation got digital, Renson had no direct contact with its end users. In order to implement our user-centric design process, this needed to change. We involved different target groups throughout the whole project: starting with assessing and eliminating early-stage ideas to validating the final designs.

Embarking on this journey together with these new audiences and building relationships with them, allowed us to design 2 separate ecosystems for both the installer and end user.

Different users, different touchpoints

For installers: calibrate and test systems remotely, reducing installation time up to a whopping 300%.

For users: trigger awareness, increased user interaction and intelligibility with the newly designed Renson mobile application and web portal.

Co-creating this unique digital ecosystem unlocked a connection with Renson's end users, benefiting both engineering and marketing. This enables the development of future services and revenue streams. And most importantly, a clean and healthy living for Renson's end users.

      This connected ecosystem is a gamechanger for both Renson and the ventilation market. It shows the future of Renson must be smart & connected.

Anneleen VensHead of Digital Innovation at Renson


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