A football venture built on video data analysis.

Venture Building
Digital Design
Proof of Concept
User Testing
Business Design

      Grow your football game with game stats.

Football is the number one sport in Belgium and is played at many different levels. Unlike professional players, those playing at the amateur level have no insights into their performances. This is in contrast to the popular tracking tools and communities that you see for other sports, such as running or cycling.

A clear gap seemed to exist between the capabilities of modern technology and how it could support the football community.

MyPitch is to become a football community, that helps players and their friends to grow their potential with real game insights.

Video analysis, gamification & community building

Together with MyPitch, Made designed the systems and apps that provide insight into player's performance. Using machine learning & computer vision we have been able to track players and empower the football community by allowing them to participate in sharing stats, challenges and badges.

Through goal setting and community acknowledgement players are enabled to track their progress and build their careers.

Venture building & co-founding

After validating the initial level of interest for MyPitch with several amateur football players with both product and business case prototypes, we did a thorough feasibility study to check if the technology can be developed to give players their personal stats.

We secured pre-seed funding and we’re building the venture, the tech, and the app together with the My Pitch team as a core innovation partner


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