Prototyping a new circular business model.

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      A repair service, offering your toaster a second life.

Repairing broken appliances is good for the climate. It reduces waste and cuts the CO² emissions needed to make new products and materials.

Kringwinkels assumption: more than 30% of discarded electro can still be repaired but today there is a lack of an accessible place to have your electrics repaired at an affordable price.

Kringwinkel is a non-profit thrift store providing social employment in Flanders, Belgium.

The Electro atelier: offering professional repairs for a wide range of products

In the electronics workshop of Kringwinkel, customers can have all kinds of repairs carried out by one of the experienced repairmen. From replacing your screen or the battery of your mobile phone to repairing your laptop, coffee machine, hoover, sewing machine, hifi and record player. The customers just have to drop by with their device and Kringwinkel will take care of the repair at a very acceptable cost.

How we tackled it?

Using Design Thinking, Kringwinkel set out to analyse and validate the Desirability, Feasibility and Viability of the new service. Made facilitated the process towards the launch of an MVP to test the new service.


Thanks to a quick but broad survey via Instagram, we got a good idea of the current recovery habits and the needs in the market. A fast and pragmatic way to get customer validation.


The financial picture was mapped out using business and financial modeling. Clear KPIs and targets were set in order to evaluate whether the first pilot would be a success.


What does the logistics flow look like and how can Kringwinkel set up the processes as efficiently as possible? In addition to a theoretical approach, the team soon set to work organising a real pilot to further develop the processes and the service.


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