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Euronav is an independent tanker company engaged in the ocean transportation and storage of crude oil. The group has become the world’s largest, independent quoted crude tanker platform by continuously adapting its strategy to the rapidly changing nature of the shipping markets.

As a forerunner in the industry, Euronav decided to invest in digital
transformation to enable data-driven decision-making.

The group equipped its ships with 400+ sensors and employed various third-party systems for meteorological, logistical and a wide range of other relevant data supplemented by manual input and checks. Providing access to a huge volume of real-time and historical data, the crucial first step in any digital transformation.

The challenge

The vast amount of data needed to be transformed into actionable insights, accessible and relevant to all stakeholders, on board and ashore. 

Additionally Euronav has committed to a drastic CO2 emissions-reduction.

Euronav decided on the creation of a central platform that incorporates the data of all sources in real-time: FAST, Fleet Automatic Statistics & Tracking. 

Not satisfied with the offerings of the marketplace and preferring complete IP ownership, Euronav chose to build this platform in-house. Acknowledging they lacked the expertise, the group issued an RFI/RFP. Made answered the call and has proven itself a perfect match to Euronav in the drive for future-proof innovation, technological leadership, result-oriented development.

The solution: One platform unites vessel & shore

Made supported Euronav with the definition of  the technological roadmap, BA/UX analysis and the development of the digital platform’s front-end. 

Over the course of 3 years the FAST platform took shape and rapidly showed significant results. Enhancing fleet performance, fuel efficiency and sustainability by leveraging real time sensor data and improved communication and collaboration between vessel and shore.  

Vessel Dashboard

Primarily used by operators on shore to keep track of all vessel activities.

Technical Dashboard

Used on shore by the technical staff to analyze fuel consumption and vessel performance. 


Various reporting tools optimizing the workflow of crew members, including the automation of the daily noon report.

Bunker Module

A module to track consumed fuel and its characteristics to reduce and report emissions.

Cargo Module

A module to keep track of onboard cargo and metrics such as amount, temperature, tank number and cargo type.

Voyage Optimization

A powerful tool to calculate the optimal voyage for a specific vessel, taking into account weather forecasts and models, reducing time, costs and consumption.

The results

Continuous development of the FAST platform will keep generating value for Euronav’s stakeholders and the environment. Through evident and tangible results such as: 

Reduced fuel consumption

Euronav can predict the most optimal, fuel-efficient routes for its fleet and adapt in real-time to changes in current, meteorological and a wide range of relevant factors. 

Better claim management

Euronav is able to track, manage and argue claims based on the availability of fact based, exhaustive data.

Less vessel damage

Optimal routes generate less impact on the fleet infrastructure.

Better maintenance predictions

Real-time sensor data allows a more precise and cost-saving prediction of maintenance requirements. 

Streamlined reporting

Automated reporting results in less human errors while alleviating part of this burden on the crew. 


Optimized routes, fuel-consumption and fuel-related operations assist Euronav towards the goal of net zero emissions. 


A more efficient and cost saving operation facilitates competitive price-setting.


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