Supporting farmers in their new agricultural building project.

User Validation
Concept Design
UX Design
UI Design

      Creating a digital platform for a non digital audience.

The Etex brand Eternit has been producing fibre cement profiled sheeting for over a century. Because of their very close contact with farmers they witnessed how hard it is for farmers when they want to build a new agricultural building or renovate an existing one.

As a farmer being able to visualise their project and really own the process was something they couldn’t really do.Eternit wanted to strengthen their contact with farmers and ofcourse attract new ones by providing them with a platform where they can not only visualize their new building but also can find all relevant information and support needed to realize their project.

Involving farmers and installers from the very first beginning

Since we were tapping into a new world, it was crucial for us to have close contact with farmers and installers. In a first workshop we co-created on concepts and features that the platform needed to have in order for it to be valuable for them. By capturing their entire journey starting from the initial idea up until taking their new agricultural building in use we could start building the user flow for the platform.

In a second session we validated our happy flow to see if we fully understood their needs and if the platform was going into the right direction.


Farmers interviewed


User stories designed & developed


Prototype demo's

Giving farmers ownership of their new agricultural building project

With the MyEternit platform farmers now have more leverage when it comes to building or renovating a new agricultural building. They can read case studies of fellow farmers, configure their own building or get support from installers or other experts in the field.

By being first in class with this plaform Eternit now has all the tools in hand to not only support their installers better in their sales journey but also to attract new potential customers by providing them with the right support.


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