Refill station, join the refillution.

Behaviour Design
Digital Design
Customer Journeys
Scenario Mapping

      What could in-store refill look like for Ecover.

Awareness of the issues single-use plastic poses on the planet has never been higher. Pushing fewer bottles into the world could be a great step forward. However, refill stations come with challenges regarding things like convenience and branding.

How might we elevate the experience to create the habit of refilling?
How can we ensure a ‘foolproof’ refill journey for first-time users?
What does the journey look like in a digitized shopper experience?
How might we nudge people into the refill behavior change?

Solution: Straightforward, intuitive and foolproof

The refill journey focuses on nudging shoppers to consider refill. It takes into account both low and high-tech refill machines. The experience is in any scenario straightforward, intuitive, and foolproof resulting in a solid foundation for durable consumer behavior change.

After the first pilots have successfully been installed, we can continue the innovation roadmap to support Ecover’s Refillution.

From behavorial insight, to in-store experience

With behavioral, digital and product designers, the Made team designed a full flow. From the selection of the detergent all the way to the check-out and payment.


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