An innovation partnership with Ecover for over a decade.

Behaviour Design
Digital Design
Customer Journeys
Scenario Mapping

      Pioneering the business of clean.

Together with Ecover and Method, we’ve made it our mission to explore and define what's next in this ever-evolving landscape.

For years, we've been at the forefront of pioneering solutions, constantly seeking ways to navigate the challenges and opportunities.

By combining consumer behaviour insights with future thinking and hands-on product, digital and business design we’ve been pushing a cleaner clean for over a decade.

Moreover, by introducing new innovation models and providing design thinking trainings throughout the business, we’ve innovated the way Ecover and Method innovate.

Impacting the business with a wide variety of innovation projects

Our collaboration with Ecover and Method has encompassed a wide array of innovation projects, covering the entire spectrum of product, digital, and business design. From consumer research to trends exploration, we've delved deep into understanding the evolving needs of today's eco-conscious consumers.

The product and packaging designs have not only embraced sustainable practices but have also set new industry standards.

The hackathons we've organised have been a breeding 
ground for fresh ideas and creative solutions.

Innovating the way Ecover & Method innovate to new standards

Over a concise three-month period, we orchestrated an intensive program, bringing together 25 individuals from various business units. We immersed them in the world of Design Thinking and walked them through a practical journey from opportunity identification to product launch. Through hands-on experiences in ideation, validation, prototyping, and crafting solid business cases, they were prepared to confidently pitch their ideas to management.

The result: three exceptional innovations brought to life. This not only drove tangible progress but also significantly bolstered the skills and capabilities of those involved – a sign of our commitment to getting innovation done while enhancing the design thinking skillset of everyone involved.

Innovation sprints with Generative AI to envision the future

Accelerating the innovation process by envisioning the future with generative AI. In consumer trends & vision sprints we offer a glance in the future and expand the horizon of what’s possible for the brands.

Consumer insights

How can we nudge consumers into refilling their bottles? How might we tap into behavioural insights to fuel innovation and make products that people actually want? Through observations, home visits, A/B testing and focus groups we deliver insights to push what’s next.

From trends to reality

Working together with the long term innovation team, we feel at best when bridging the gap between future trends and tangible product innovations. 
Pushing the next generation of products, services and circular business models.

Digital platform to innovate faster

What if we could get early prototypes in the hands of consumers to test, iterate and launch faster? Together we’ve set up a digital community of consumers with early access to innovative products.

Refillution business model

Together we explored what Refill could look like as a business model. Through customer journeys and early stage prototyping, we provided the tools and insights to convince retailers to join the Refillution!


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