Balancing identity and play in a crowded market.

Concept design
Product Design
POC development

      Iconic and consistent brand language.

Made developed a full range of balancing bikes and other wheeled toys for Chillafish. From idea to design and packaging, including accessories for best-sellers. By early-on trusting in design & innovation, Chillafish was able to craft a unique identity and brand, in a crowded market.

The challenge

Chillafish started out of the passion of one founder, to make “play longer”: be it inspiring older kids and adults to play more, or simply offering durable toys. How might we let parents and children play together, actively and healthily, to develop healthy motor skills while having lots of fun?

From Trackie, a multifunctional 4-in-1 play toy that gradually helps the child to sit, stand push and connect that we developed from initial insight, to concept and full production, to funky accessories for Fixie and BMXie that keeps the joy and play longer (think cool vroom vroooom sounds). 

Made helped to bring the vision of “play longer” by enhancing experience in play for child and parent, and added durability in product design. This helps both parent and child to have lasting fun together, while playing and over time, and helps to actively and develop healthy motor skills.

The result

Today, Chillafish is a leader in balancing bikes and other wheeled toys, and it entered the households of more than 1.5 million people from USA to Japan, Australia to Mexico, and back home to Belgium.


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