All-in-one fitness for domestic training.

Workshop facilitation
Concept creation
Photorealistic rendering
Product-market fit
Focus group discussions

      A collaborative journey from vision to reality.

Made has partnered up with Chialo, a dynamic startup with ambitious plans to disrupt the fitness industry, has been a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation.

Together, we embarked on a journey to redefine the way people approach their fitness routines. This case study explores how we transformed a vision into reality.

Understanding user needs

Our project began with a strategic discovery phase, where we delved into understanding the needs and pain points of individuals beginning their fitness journey. This user-centric approach laid the foundation for our entire project.

Beyond user insights, we proactively examined contemporary market trends to spark our creativity. Our goal was not only to meet users' needs but to pioneer innovation in the fitness industry.

Concept validation

Our approach was not theoretical but practical. We designed for real users and continuously sought their feedback to ensure our solutions were both functional and user-friendly. We moved from initial ideas to concept designs and validated these with users. Eventually, we moved to photorealistic renders and material selection. Our design journey transformed abstract concepts into tangible, visually striking fitness solutions.

Value Proposition to Brand Identity

We transitioned from a validated value proposition to a clear brand identity for Chialo. This step was crucial in defining the brand's personality and values, aligning them with the needs and desires of its target audience.

The Chialo project shows how collaboration, a user-centric approach, and a dedication to innovation can lead to transformative results.

Not only did we partner up with the team of Nanopixel for the animations and visualisation, together with Chialo we've truly met the needs of fitness enthusiasts. Paving the way for pioneering change in the fitness industry.


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