Cutting-edge technology in meeting rooms.

Concept design
Product design
Market validation
POC development
Mechanical engineering

Streamlining screen sharing.

Made aimed to simplify the seemingly inevitable complex process of setting up video conferencing by allowing users to share their screens with just a single click. This led to an exploration of innovative technology solutions focusing on user-friendliness and key functionality.

Innovative design meets practical functionality

In partnership with Barco, Made introduced an ingenious solution—an actual physical button, similar to an emergency stop, but designed for the corporate environment. This Wi-Fi dongle, when connected to a TV's router, enables one-click screen sharing, representing a major advancement in meeting technology.

Development and market validation

Working closely with Barco, Made developed initial prototypes that evolved into fully functional models. These were showcased across Europe, confirming a higher perceived value than the cost and outperforming initial expectations. Made also designed storage pods for these devices, showcasing a comprehensive approach to both client and user needs.

A revolution in meeting collaboration

The collaborative efforts resulted in ClickShare, a groundbreaking wireless system that revolutionizes meeting dynamics by enhancing presenter confidence and fostering better collaboration. With over 1.2 million units sold in more than 130 countries, ClickShare has not only transformed meeting rooms globally but also optimized Barco's pricing strategy, significantly boosting both sales volume and profit margins.


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