Defining and launching Amgen's innovation business unit.

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      Creating a vision to think & act beyond the molecule.

Healthcare is facing a Volume-to-Value Revolution where the health marketplace is being redesigned from the patient’s perspective.

In order to succeed in this shift, healthcare companies must prioritise the patient experience. This means taking a patient-centric approach to care and focusing on providing value-based services that meet the individual needs of patients.

By empathizing with key internal and external stakeholders in the ecosystem, Made helped Amgen to uncover unmet value needs in the market and define an array of ‘beyond the molecule” opportunities for HCPs, Amgen and Patient Groups.



Different disease areas and pathologies were researched and validated.



Clear Innovation Management Governance model was defined and implemented.



Value innovation concepts were defined for the Amgen team in a clear backlog.

Co-creating value solutions for and with the industry

Throughout the process, the Made team helped Amgen to define the right strategic pillars, a crystallized vision & mission, name and logo for their newly create Value Solutions business unit: coCARE.

At Made, we understand the importance of empathy in driving business success. That's why we made it a key focus in our work with Amgen. Embracing the unknown, Amgen decided to open-up for patient and HCP input to co-design a mission and vision.

By taking the time to understand the perspectives and needs of key internal and external stakeholders in the ecosystem, we were able to uncover unmet value needs in the market.This allowed us to define what 'beyond the pill' could mean for healthcare providers (HCPs), Amgen, and patient groups across disease areas.

In true Made Money-Magic style we build upon these insights and co-designed value concepts with all stakeholders. Empathy is a powerful tool, and we're proud to have used it to make a difference for Amgen.

End to end strategic planning

Our work with Amgen included market research, competitive benchmarking, and patient co-design and validation.

We also facilitated co-creation sessions with industry and medical experts to generate innovative strategies and concepting.

After strategically prioritising the areas of opportunity, the final result of our collaboration has been a kpi-driven (OGSM) three-year strategic roadmap for the new value innovation business unit. Made consolidated and visualised this roadmap as a strong visual summary for the Amgen team.

A document that can live on internally as a guiding reference to steer upon.

How to turn co-design into practice.

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