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The plant-based market has seen exponential growth over the last decade on a global scale, with disruptor brands showing up to challenge market leaders in the ever-expanding category.

Alpro, The iconic brand, with Belgian origins and heritage, has expanded across Europe and the world with a great variety of plant-based foods and drinks. Joining the Danone family of brands in 2017, Alpro is further growing its unique strengths to lead the change as part of Danone and drive a worldwide “Food Revolution”.

The decades to come

Alpro wanted to take their brand to the next level in order to stay relevant and reaffirm their place as a market leader. Already pioneering more than 40 years, Alpro wanted to take time to reflect and refocus how to stay in pole-position for plant-based innovations in the next decades to come.

Made helped to reconnect deeply and intensively with a small community of Alpro plant-based lovers, to understand what truly triggers them, how to be part of the daily routines, and how to bring this energy and passion to an even wider audience. Together with the Alpro team, we crafted assumptions, experiments and hypotheses to test and validate with a broad community of users.

Through digital ethnography, we took time to understand better which claims, benefits and and other communication were in the mind of frequent users and lovers. How their rituals and routines worked, and what they think and feel about the Alpro range of products.

The result

Further co-creation with this digital community, brought new attractive food combos, strong communication, new packaging and product propositions. These insights and ideas were then further validated with an even wider community of less-frequent and potential users. This helped to fine-tune our insights to better communicate the benefits, new products, and inspirational recipes.

Through deep user-insights, Alpro is ready for yet another decade of future growth.

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