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Renson - RIO

Creating a new order platform streamlining both internal and external workflows.

  • 1 International user validations performed

  • 1% Of orders made through the online platform

With the aim of having 80% of all orders made digitally we redesigned the ordering platform for Renson Outdoor dealers. A complete redesign, both in how the platform was structured and the look & feel of it, created a more intuitive and solid platform for Renson dealers and the internal sales department.

The success of creating this new way of work for the Outdoor unit allowed Renson to now incorporate their Indoor unit to the platform as well.

Validation Process Validating assumptions and defining user needs

To deliver true value we first needed to understand the gap between the existing platform and the actual customers needs. In addition, we wanted to make sure that the new order flow would completely map with the existing internal processes.

In a second phase, intensive user research enabled us to identify which components would be primordial for the platform to satisfy customer expectations as well as optimise the internal capacity. Collaboratively, we explored and mapped the relevant priorities for Rensons future order portal.

Process Build to scale and last

Creating high-fidelity wireframes allowed us to test and iterate every part of the platform. This early prototyping gave us an advantage in the building phase as our customer knew exactly what to expect.

Moving on, we set up a 3-month sprint phase where we started building and delivering a number of the foundational components.

Solution RIO Outdoor, unlocking potential for other business units

With the full development of the RIO Outdoor ordering platform, Renson was able to scale the platform for their Indoor unit as well. Although this business unit is dealing with different type of stakeholders and thus different needs, the foundation was there to incorporate the platform into their way of work.

Made also developed the new Outdoor product configurator that beautifully connects the B2C experience online with the workflow of the dealers on the ordering platform.

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