Are you motivated to advance user experiences through product, digital, strategic design or software engineering?

The Made Internship Program will give you hands-on experience at working in the high-paced, creatively stimulating working environment of an award-winning product, digital, strategic design and development team.

In addition to working closely with a multidisciplinary team in our brand new Antwerp office, you will have the opportunity to participate in team days, field trips, supplier & customer visits, brainstorm sessions and after-work drinks.





Is this you?

  • If you are enrolled in a study program

  • If you can work full time for the period chosen

  • If you have an eye for details

  • If you have excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills

  • If you plan well; time management and organisational skills

  • If you are positive, proactive, fun and able exercise considerable judgment and common sense

  • If you are a creative problem-solver

  • If your integrity makes it easy to handle confidential information

Your responsibilities / learning opportunities

Digital Designer (UX/UI)

What’s in it for you?

You will work closely with the digital team to aid in the creation of various digital touchpoints and products across different platforms. With your digital design background and your ability to enrich user experiences, you turn user needs into elegant, intuitive and intelligent design solutions. Willing to bring innovative and creative design ideas to the table? Ready to learn and be challenged?

Business Designer

What’s in it for you?

Work with us on business cases for the most exciting national and international brands. We have a unique approach to Business Design that’ll help you for years to come in study and work. Are you prepared to roll up your sleeves and lock in that first industry experience?

Office Management

What’s in it for you?

You’ll be responsible for exploring, testing and implementing new ways of improving efficiency and productivity within our team and environment. In our brand new office, you’ll be supporting and interacting with a flexible, creative team & very involved team members that will both challenge and inspire your office management skills. Ready to spot and incorporate positive changes for efficiency and effectiveness for a fantastic team?

Marketing & Community Management

What’s in it for you?

We are a creative agency with a story to tell, and we’re looking for someone to help us communicate it. You will have the privilege to tap into the rich stream of visual content that is created by the team on a daily base and craft striking communication with their help. Want to set up campaigns and co-create with the most impressive companies in Belgium and beyond.

Visual/Graphic Designer

What’s in it for you?

You'll be supporting our teams with the creation of graphics and visualisations being relevant for digital as well as print applications. You will not only enrich the appearance but also increase the intuitively of products and user experience. You will contribute to conceptual brand development, create infographics and visuals that support our products & services — excited to bring some fresh ideas and visuals across our various small teams?

Software engineering (Front-end/back-end)

At Made, we are as much colleagues as we are friends. 

You’ll be working on an internal assignment, while being part of a self-steering development team. The assignment can cover multiple parts, can be more front-end or back-end focused. It depends on the specific assignment and what’s available at that time. Frontend applications are build in Reactjs and backend Java Spring Boot or Nestjs (Nodejs), depending on preferred framework. Depending on the assignment you might learn more about Redux store management, RTK query api caching and static site generation/server side rendering. In the backend you might learn about setting up websockets to send push notifications to the app, process incoming IoT messages on a queue, setting up a database in PostgreSQL, etc… . A lot to learn and discover during an internship at Made!

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Never not learning

You’ll continuously learn new things and upgrade your expertise through Knowledge Sharing Sessions and Meetups.

Multidisciplinary teams

You’ll work in a self-managed team, backed by colleagues eager to tackle the most complex challenges, together.


Need a break? Enjoy our team events or challenge colleagues for table tennis, table football or darts. Or just take a shopping-break.

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