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What If we would

build the new normal together?

No one knows what the new normal will be. But we can build yours together! As designers and innovation experts we believe it's our role to inspire our network and excite change.

We have identified several areas of opportunity where we believe change is needed or desirable and every few days we'll add some new ones.

These images might trigger you to take action! Are you or do you know the perfect person to kick-start these changes? Feel free to get in touch!

What "What Ifs" are you thinking of? If you share them we might just add them to the collection!

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What if watching live sports would feel like gaming?

Player tracking could add a gaming-inspired AR layer on top of live sports streaming that could fill the void of arenas without fans. You cannot replace the real live experience of attending a match, but some fans might even prefer this way of watching their team as it would offer unique insights and experiences you can't get in the stadium.

Check out this inspiring article on this topic.

What if restaurants would divest in real estate?

Next to staff, the biggest cost for restaurants is real estate. Now social distancing prevents us to sit close to each other, return on investment went down. With delivery services on the rise and if you’d rent a cheaper location, offering top quality food for reasonable prices would be possible... if your restaurant is virtual-first.

Check out this inspiring article on this topic.

What if the government would start the next Uber?

When more people work from home, public transport needs might drop as less people would commute or need to own cars. What if public transport become personalized and on demand, driving sustainable vehicles and offering affordable (subsidized?) transportation for everyone?

What if I could see your smile when you are wearing a mask?

43 muscles in our face and endless expressions.
So much of your message get's lost when we all wear masks.
Can we design expression-friendly solutions? We’d like to think so!

What if you could select your outfit in conference calls?

Like face-filters, fashion-filters add fun (and style) to any virtual occasion. From investor pitches to online dating, new online etiquette will be rising because video calls are ubiquitous.

What if next to an ER hospitals would have a VR*?

What if you’re avoiding to go to the hospital because you're scared of getting infected? Next to a physical emergency room (ER), imagine a *virtual room (VR) where health care professionals provide online first-line advice, 24/7.

What if a m2 of land gets rewildered for every product you buy?

What if companies would implement business models that are restorative or even regenerative? Organizations could dedicate part of their profit to buy land and return it to nature. @tompkins conservation is an amazing large-scale best practice in Chili, but why don’t we start doing this locally too?

What if your superfans could join the recording session?

Performing live was made impossible because of the crisis, making it hard for artist to get by. As an artist you live from 10% really loyal fans, so why not give them extra attention and invite them into the creation process through digital media? Maybe a fan might never see you perform but will pay to get a glimpse behind the scenes?

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What is your response to Covid19?

Do you have a cool what if you'd like to share with us? Or are you or do you know someone who could realize one of these opportunities? Don't hold back!

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