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Webinar - European Eco Shift

From New Built to Renovation

The construction industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation, sparked by the urgent need for sustainable practices.

In our webinar industry expert Simon de Smet provides a comprehensive overview of the European Eco Shift, a movement that entails the transition from traditional new build projects to innovative opportunities in renovation.

Get the latest insights on the building industry In our free webinar you will...

Dive into the core principles and best practices that define the BE Construction Shift, which follows the EU pattern and embraces sustainable construction methodologies. By examining successful case studies and practical strategies, you will understand the positive impact this shift can have on the environment, society, and the industry as a whole.

  • Get an overview of the evolution of the Construction Shift
  • Compare and see the Belgian Construction Shift following EU pattern
  • Understand the increasing complexity and the impact of the Green Deal
  • Learn how digitalisation can be a Game Changer for the building industry

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