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by design.

As a design and innovation agency, we have the responsibility to design new products and businesses that have a positive impact.
A positive impact on people, the planet, and profit.

In order to live up to that ambition, we combine multiple disciplines, expertises, and skills to tackle these complex challenges.

Designing strategies that are sustainable at heart, designing business models that close the loop for a circular economy, designing products that can be disassembled for optimal recyclability, designing products with sustainable alternatives to plastic.

Circular business models to avoid waste.

The biggest potential for a positive impact might just be in the heart of any organization: the business model.

Do we really need to make this new product? Can it be a service instead? How can we transform the model into a circular one? Can we generate additional revenue by upcycling the waste streams? Those are only a few of the sort of questions we need to ask ourselves to really strive for successful, sustainable, and viable businesses.

Jonas Burm

Innovation & Design Director,
Sustainable innovation

A circular economy is one that is restorative and regenerative by design

Ellen Macartur foundation

Your stuff will be thrown away at some point. Design for disassembly

Despite its bad reputation, plastic is a wonderful material, having a large share in a lot of impactful innovations. What if we could go against the polluting, single-use reputation of plastic products by rethinking how we design, use and interact with them?

If designed properly, components could be replaced rather than throwing away the complete product, restoring its value and elongating its lifetime. Parts could be designed with an end-of-life scenario in mind, making sure we are on top of things for when that moment of disposal can no longer be avoided. A challenge most certainly, but as designers, we are up for it!

Tibo Grandry

Industrial designer
& environmentalist

A library of alternative materials for plastic.

Staying up to date on the latest alternative materials and their use is key and allowing us to help our clients supporting the environment in the best possible way.

As tackling eco-friendliness through material choice is a multi-faceted topic, we need to consider several factors. How is the material produced and how long is its lifecycle? How can it be recycled and how can it be reused?

As a design agency, we are maintaining a large library of different material options. This helps us in making this a natural and automatic reflection in every single step within our design process.

Laura Lang

Industrial Designer, Material Librarian

Product & service strategy team

We're the right kind of difficult

We know when to push and when to deliver.
We take ideas to execution, it is not just what we do, it is how we combine our expertises & tools in a journey of change that aims to deliver.

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