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Need a digital transformation?

5 digital products we’ve built.

Yes, we’re all facing challenging times but wouldn’t it be a loss to not use this enormous challenge that COVID19 is, to seek for new opportunities?

We’ve all noticed that COVID19 made everyone become a digitalist (some keener than others). Deep inside you know that this is the perfect moment to add digital touchpoints to your product portfolio or services.

  1. We combine knowledge of digital, product, and business design to help you
  2. add a digital touchpoint to your physical product portfolio.
  3. add a physical touchpoint to your digital portfolio
  4. Design the perfect user-experience combining all 3 design skills.

To get you started we’ve gathered some of our successful digital realizations of the recent past.

The cost of changing now will be less than the cost of staying the same.

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QuaQua Online Interpreting

QuaQua is an online meeting platform that allows interpreters to do remote, simultaneous interpretation. Meaning that organizing multilingual meetings has never been easier.

In the remote world, as we know it today, interpreters are now able to do their jobs remotely which means they can work all over the world while just sitting behind their desks. A solution that appeared to come right on time.

Together with the client, we made this digital shift possible. We’ve been a key partner in defining the concept and executing it into a ready-to-market product.

Could you (re)build your product in a way less travel is needed? That would allow people not to be physically present at all times so their efficiency could be increased?

BeMatrix Online rental platform

Since 1993 BeMatrix has reinvented stand building and brought sustainable modular solutions to the market. But as for all innovators, the threat of cheaper copies means raising the bar and continuously finding new ways to further easy the life of the customer.

Based on Made research, the decision was made to further expand the business model. Next to selling their products and offering digital online solutions, we also implemented a rental model. The result is easy access to all beMatrix solutions on a global scale. This means that stand builders do not necessarily have to invest in stock or extra storage space, can limit transportation costs, and do international business more easily.

The modular systems proofs to be perfect solutions for several organizations in operating COVID19 safe.

Could a rental model re-shape your business? Could finding a way to handle your stock more efficiently increase the lifetime value of your products? Is renting instead of selling an option for you?

Renson healthbox Ventilation went digital

For their most recent ventilation system, Renson aimed to build upon actual user data to service their clients. By making the ventilation unit connected, installers can now identify and solve problems from a distance, as well as installing new updates.

Of course, this way of digital service providing doesn’t only benefit the installers, users will save costs and can be helped faster. On the other hand, an installer can service more clients and thus make more profit.

Made gave the user & installer a reason to connect the ventilation unit to the internet. The digital services we added to the hardware convinced everyone to join. Renson is now the preferred solution for many installers which gave their sales and immense boost.

Is there a way you could serve your clients from a distance? Can you open the door to digital services and new revenue models by making your products connected?

Covid19 Alert App Contact tracing with bluetooth

From a sense of urgency, Made designed & developed this mobile application that helps to trace Covid19. In Belgium tracing happens manually which of course takes a lot of effort and resources which could slow down the process of detecting new cases.

With the alert app, we reacted quickly and we wanted to help in coming up with a solution to make the process of tracing more efficient and faster.

In the app, users can anonymously share if they have been diagnosed with the virus. Everyone with the app who came close in days before will be notified of a higher risk so they can take measures and precautions. A market-ready result in a one-week remote design sprint and ready for scaling throughout the EU.

Can your product benefit from anonymous tracing to secure the safety of your users? Could you use anonymous big data sets to gather insights you now lack?

Confero 360 Digital solution for easy meeting control

Televic Conference has been building innovative conference solutions for years, but they were feeling the need to turn their software-based model into one web-based digital solution.

Before, users had to download multiple software applications to set up and manage a meeting, meaning everything was scattered and they had no centralized spot to control all meeting functionalities. We identified this strong need and managed to turn it into an all-in-one solution: a web-based tool that allows different users with different needs to set up and control a meeting.

Made functioned as a digital partner to ensure the experience for the user would be seamless and intuitive. This resulted in Confero 360, a strong and viable product that shows us the success of digital transformation.

Could your product benefit from an all-in-one control panel? Could you optimize the user experience of your product by merging multi apps into an all-in-one solution?

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