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User Behavioral Research

Understand what makes your audiences tick

Have you seen how users interact with your products? We help you look through the eyes of your clients to build desirable and successful products. At Made customer research is about finding opportunities.

We need to understand the real job-to-be-done of your stakeholders. What are their pains and gains, their anxieties, dreams and habits? What makes them tick?

Let's build products & services that are not just feasible or good-looking, but also successful in addressing a real need from real people.

What we do:

  • User-interviews and observations
  • Online surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Competition analysis
  • Target group analysis
  • Customer Journey
  • Persona’s
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Touchpoint analysis

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Example of Customer research report for Ecover

Discover opportunities with qualitative and quantitative techniques.

  1. Define the area of opportunity

    First we want to understand or help you discover the area of opportunity we'll explore. Where can we add value to the lives of your clients to help you grow your business?

  2. The right combo of research tools

    We set up a customized approach with state-of-art research techniques to get to the valuable insights as fast as possible.

  3. Turn insights into prototypes

    We believe in delivering solutions and concepts, not just suggestions and insights. Visual, digital and/or physical prototypes will be part of our research report.

We are the right kind of difficult

We know when to push and when to deliver. Our clients value our open mindset, not holding back on sharing every opportunity we see along the way.

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