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Portfolio management

Get inconsistencies out of your catalogue, streamline your business.

Does your product portfolio make sense? You might not need more products ... but better product-synergy.

We define product families and segments. We can analyse the current product-portfolio on itself or as part of a more critical exercise, identifying a future strategy together.

A clear portfolio and strategy energises your business. Streamlining efforts in design, marketing, procurement and enhancing user loyalty.

What we do:

  • Portfolio-mapping
  • Scenario-mapping
  • Brand equity
  • Design DNA
  • Concept product
  • Concept guard

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Barco Uniti display portfolio front

Value the power of 'more products', create families we want more of.

  1. Analyse your current portoflio

    What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats in your current product catalogue? We unravel the brand and offering in detail and come up with a (new) structure to organise your portfolio.

  2. Identify core elements and gaps

    Doing so, we identify brand elements and product opportunities to shape your future portfolio.

  3. Create a consistent family

    Designing system you can own & guard, making the design for your product family consistent, with clear guidelines for the development of future products.

Is your business a family business?

We do not only create guidelines to make product families beautiful, we think of a system that impacts the cost of your supply, production, marketing & customer service.

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Defined, Designed & Delivered

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