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Innovation opportunity scan

Because ideas need action.

A digital innovation tool that taps into the collective intelligence of your organisation to identify innovation opportunities. We call it the io.Scan

Set up a campaign and introduce idea-challenges to your colleagues. The platform helps in 5 easy steps.

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Plan Set a two weekly challenge

Every io.Scan starts with a predetermined challenge for your team or organisation. A time limit of two weeks is set to work towards a long list of ideas.

Make notes, add them to your wall

Write down, manage and edit all your thoughts that come up in your head when thinking about the challenge. This is your private ideation board. Only you can see your notes.

Need some inspiration? Get inspired

Great ideas need great inspiration. We help the leadership team to build the right ideation framework that makes creativity thrive.

Get inspired by our randomizer or inspiring cases.

Create, share and improve ideas

Build concepts you want to share with the group using our engaging template. Like, comment or build on ideas of others.

Follow the road to execution

Don’t leave your ideas on the shelf. With the help of our experts we analyse, combine and present the most promising concepts to the leadership team. Together we select the most promising ones and start building roadmaps towards realisation. Gather ideas online in 5 easy steps. Want to try it out yourself?

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Don't leave your ideas on the shelf, we can help you build on them

    Learn more about the io.Scan

    Gather ideas in 5 easy steps online. Want to try it out?

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