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Digital Design

Grow your business with digital products

Create, grow digital connections with your customers. From apps to digital transformations. We help you get there.

How? Discover our digital product design method with user research, UX design, prototyping, interface design & software development

What we do:

  • Use Flows
  • User-stories
  • Backlogs
  • Wireframing
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Design systems
  • Component libraries

User & business Insights help to discover (digital) opportunities

At Made we use insights from user-research to define business opportunities and targets. Helping you scope relevant and impactful opportunities.

Learn about us: 5 digital products we've built - Ecover innovation acceleration

We guide you through an exciting journey with design thinking methodologies like jobs-to-be-done, customer journeys, and business model canvas. These workshops and design sprints help you identify the touchpoints that will change your market.

We’re not interested in making just another app or designing something that only looks good, but that doesn’t serve its purpose.

Learn more about our business consultancy tools

User Experience & Wireframing

The UX track starts here; We start developing the real product, driven by the data & user insights we’ve gathered in the past steps.

Examples: Televic Confero 360 - Bringme

In this phase, we define clear project definitions and goals. With those clear goals in mind, we create wireframes and flows that help develop a seamless product experience. At Made, we are the user’s advocate. This means we always keep the user in mind when developing a new product or service.

Digital Prototyping, User Testing & Validation

We make prototypes to support you, when making decisions. We design prototypes and mock-ups at every stage of the process, from low fidelity visuals to test the initial level of interest to high fidelity models that actually work to test the usability. Every stage has its own assumptions to be tested.

Examples: Televic Lingua - PolyVision Motif

Armed with these mock-ups and prototypes we turn to your target audience to validate if we have translated their wants needs the right way. How likely is it that our concepts will be successful?

UI Design (User Interface) & Design Systems

During the UI-track, aesthetics are vital. Aesthetics move people on an emotional level and make them feel connected to your product. This is also the moment to make your product or service stand out from a visual point of view.

Examples: Renson Health Box - QuaQua

In this part, we’re bringing the wireframes to life. Not only through colors and beautiful visuals, but also through animation. Making sure your product/service feels – and is – seamless.

Software Development & Quality Assurance

We don’t have an in-house development team. We partner up with development teams all around the world to offer you the best possible service. This way we fully focus on defining the opportunities, before focussing on the frameworks and tech stacks.

We take the lead in this collaboration because long-lasting partnerships are key to quality. We involve the team as early as possible and make sure everyone is on the same page throughout the project.

Successful Digital Projects & Launches

Customer satisfaction is not only a high priority for us, but it's also the key to a successful project. Over the past years, we were able to collaborate with a bunch of incredible people and launch successful projects with them. Curious about the work we did? Check-out some of our best digital work below.

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