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Streamline your product portfolio

to gain brand awareness and cost efficiency

How to benefit from 'Design DNA Guidelines'?

  1. Brand Recognition
    Apply a consistent design language throughout your product portfolio to strengthen brand recognition and trust.
  2. Improved User Experience
    Boost your products' performance by setting a standard of quality and user experience.
  3. Portfolio & Opportunity Management
    Identify gaps and relations between products by thinking about the portfolio structure and product positions.
  4. Simplified Development
    Increase efficiency, reduce time to market, take advantage of and enable supplier negotiation by setting standards.

By creating Design DNA guidelines, you maximize the value of design.

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How to match your current brand and your future portfolio?

  1. Start with the Brand values.

    How does your brand identity influence your products? What trait does every product have? Find commonalities in how people look at your product line and what values you offer within your products.

  2. Define the portfolio segmentation.

    Understand the position of each product within your portfolio. It enables you to determine relations (segments, categories), gaps and family traits. The family structure allows us to design guidelines for characteristics and ambassadors.

  3. Define the design DNA.

    Think about how your customers will percieve your products:

    1. The very first thing you see from far
    2. All elements and details the user sees when standing close by
    3. Interactions with the product.

    Setting not only a standard for future implementation but also defining a quality standard that will be experienced by the users.

We are the right kind of difficult.

It is in our DNA to take it one step further, consistently trying to improve the lives our clients, and their customers.

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