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Business design

Combining business model innovation with design execution

Building successful new products and services requires the best of business strategy and design execution.

From a high-level concept to a high fidelity investment deck. We guide you through to the process and maximise the chance of success.

What we do:

  • Business Plans
  • Business Modelling
  • Financial Modeling
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Investor Pitches
  • Subsidies
  • P&L
  • Value capturing

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Market sizing Calculate your market potential

It’s important to have a good view on the potential of your future market. How big is it? What share can we take? What’s a realistic price range? Who are my direct competitors?

After an initial market scan, we calculate your potential share of the total addressable market and define which business model(s) could work for you.

Business modelling and value proposition design

We translate your concept into a clear business model and value offer.

In this phase, we compare all the potential value offers your concept might provide and filter them to a shortlist of concepts with the highest potential for success. We create concept cards, business model canvasses, revenue flows and more to define the perfect proposition and business model for your business.

Financial modeling Prototype your P&L

Based on business assumptions we simulate the early stages of your project in the first 3 to 5 years. A financial model allows you to play with key drivers and see how they impact your growth. It also helps us calculate the ROI, burn rate, P&L and with a high level of precision.

After learning which elements have the biggest impact on the model, we know which assumptions to validate first.

Validating your core assumptions And minimize risk

In a stakeholder validation track, we validate our core business assumptions and value proposition through sales pitch interviews with our target audience and other influential stakeholders.

By pitching the idea as a real business, we receive realistic feedback about the the product-market fit which allows us to optimize the fidelity of the business plan.

More often than not, during this phase we create your first concrete sales leads or partnerships.

Pricing strategy Determine your ideal price point

Having a validated price point is crucial for your business model. Too high and your product won’t sell, too low and you will not be able to increase your price later on without losing clients.

Through price point analysis and stakeholder validation, we measure the price sensitivity and willingness to pay to find your ideal price point.

Investor deck Convince decision makers

We help you jumpstart your first venture capital round or internal sponsor, by creating an inspiring investor deck that showcases your unique value offer, the first product prototypes, the business case with the financials plan. All poured into a great looking deck to enable you to present to those investors and decision makers and convince them to invest in your project.

Example: MyPitch

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