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A Journey of change

To make something happen we need excitement.

Innovation delivery is about bringing together the right people with the right expertise to generate and test concepts:

  1. Co-create: Our creative techniques enable ideation and concept'ing. We get the most out of multidisciplinary teams, turning them into ambassadors of change.
  2. Test: Our prototyping and validation techniques engage users and stakeholders to share valuable feedback. It allows decision-makers to make motivated investments.
An innovation track should be inspiring; We maintain initial enthusiasm all through to the end.

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We can involve your colleagues, clients and prospects while crafting a succesful innovation for you.

Are you looking to add co-creation & prototyping methods to your project? Talk to our experts or browse our expertises for inspiration:

  • Co-Creation Workshops

    The facilitation of creative ideation sessions with multidisciplinary teams

    What we do:

  • Design Sprints

    Design Sprint from innovation challenge to prototype in five days

    What we do:

    • Workshop Facilitation
    • Ideation
    • User Validation
    • Prototyping
    • Investor Pitch
  • Pre-, Prototyping and Proof Of Concept

    Low to High fidelity mock-ups to test your assumptions.

    What we do:

    • Concept cards
    • Clickable mockups
    • Probes
    • Cardboard mockups
    • 3D printing
    • Fake door
    • Scenario-mapping
    • Movie-pitch
  • Validation

    Test your assumptions: initial level of interest, usability, concept acceptance and the willingness to buy.

    What we do:

    • Interviews
    • Online surveys
    • Panel conversations
    • Focus groups
    • Price point validation
    • Concept testing
  • User Testing

    Usability and the willingness to use are crucial for the success of new products.

    What we do:

    • Scenario testing
    • Role-playing
    • Interviews
    • Panel conversations
    • Focus groups
Product & service strategy team

Co-Create in a way that makes you think&touch

We guarantee delivery by combining the innovation consultancy with a 'no prototype, no meeting'-attitude.

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