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User Research

De-risk innovation with field insights

Before you continue investing; have you stress-tested your initial value proposition, validated your MVP and have you seen how users interact with your product?

At Made, we can help you see things from the perspective of your main stakeholders. This will allow us to define, de-risk, and improve your idea. People are at the heart of every opportunity we discover and innovation we build. This approach ensures that your solution addresses existing gaps in the market and meets user needs.

Our multidisciplinary research team uses the insights to shape, define and de-risk the concept and usability of your product. This way, we can focus on "building the right it" before we focus on "building it right."

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Why is market research crucial in innovation?

70% of innovation fails! The customer either doesn’t need or want your product or there is no solid business plan to turn the idea into a viable business.

Activating field research as early as possible in your innovation process will ensure a desirable and viable solution. 
Also, getting close to your stakeholders has a lot of side benefits, not only for your solution but also for your brand image and internal processes.

01 Increasing relevance and lowering risks

By putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and understanding their needs, you can create a product or service that they'll actually care about. This will help you avoid the risk of launching something that misses the mark.

02 Getting new ideas and building engagement

Get a new perspective on your business by talking to your customers and partners. When you involve everyone in your business, you build credibility and engagement that can help you succeed.

03 Optimizing processes with fact based decisions

Don't guess - use data to make better decisions. When you have the facts, you can make smarter choices that help you meet your goals and work more efficiently as a team.

Problem exploration Problem definition validation

Exploring and challenging the initial problem to identify opportunities and market gaps.

Who is your target audience? What are their main Jobs to be Done, pains and habits?

Proposition Validation Problem solution fit

Understanding the scope of your proposition to ensure a problem solution fit.

Are we solving the right ‘it’?
What is the willingness to use & willingness to pay?

Solution Usability Problem market fit

Turning the concept idea into tangible experiences.

Are the solving ‘it’ right?
Is the product easy to use and intuitive?

A research agency that offers a multidisciplinary approach and actionable results

We have an internal research team that can take action immediately when there is research needed. Our team contains a range of experts, including business strategists, industrial designers and digital professionals, who collaborate from the outset of a project. This approach enables us to test any kind of innovation with short lead times while maintaining a high standard of quality.

From insights to tangible, actionable and visualized recommendations

Our team of researchers and designers work in close collaboration to ensure a seamless bridge between insights and tangible outcomes. Our deliverables go beyond slide decks as we provide comprehensive and actionable steps that translate insights into meaningful results.

We assist in determining the minimum viable product, its design, and its impact on your business model. We guide you in adaptation of service, packaging or application to meet your specific requirements. We go beyond recommendations and help you translate insights into action and create something real.

Collaborative and transparent process for scalable research

First things first, we'll sit down with you and map out all the assumptions we have about your audience and potential solution. We'll separate what we know from what we think we know, to figure out the best research method for your specific needs: qualitative, quantitative, or a bit of both.

To make sure we're getting quality feedback, we'll create some initial drafts of the solution (mockups, prototypes, etc.) and use those to get concrete feedback from users. Next to that, Made has an international network of research partners, enabling us to go on-site in Europe and the US if needed.

Whether you just need a research coach or full end-to-end research services, we've got you covered. We'll provide you with scalable research materials, from interview guides to research presentations and debrief frameworks.

Product & service strategy team

We're the right kind of difficult

We know when to push and when to deliver.
We take ideas to execution, it is not just what we do, it is how we combine our expertises & tools in a journey of change that aims to deliver.

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