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Industrial Design

From first sketch to production

Create intuitive & recognizable physical touchpoints for your customers.

How? Discover our industrial product design methods: Concept Sketching, 3D modeling, Prototyping, Development, Rendering & Visualisation.

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Spotting product opportunities from sketch to concept

Every iconic design starts with a simple sketch. Together with your team, we explore the product, service, or problem you’re trying to tackle.

An idea only really comes to life when you sketch it and everyone in the room is aligned on where to go.

Examples: Televic Lingua, Bringme

Validating concepts through 3D Modeling & Prototyping

We validate early with the user as well as production partners, by making anything come to life, using a blend of design power, photoshop & 3D software.

Build low to high fidelity prototypes to enable early validation on desirability, viability, and feasibility.

Example: Televic Lingua

Guarding concepts through Development & Quality Control

Guarding and refining the concept within the development stage is key. While we support our clients with finding technical solutions through CAD and technical drawings, we are working closely with our supplier & production partners to check on sustainable options, material & finish opportunities as well as guarding the overall quality of the final product that will leave the production.

Example: Barco - Medical Display Family, PolyVision - Motif

Visualising concepts through rendering and marketing assets

Both for marketing purposes and for faster decision-making throughout the design and development stages, photorealistic visualization plays a crucial part. We master the art of turning 3D files into images that look like real pictures!

Examples: Bringme - Delivery service

Recognizable products are brand ambassadors

Building a consistent design language will help you to create a stronger brand and set a standard for quality and user experience. Together with our client we analyze the brand and create guidelines leading to recognizable products that stand out on the market.

Creating the Design DNA forces us to think about the portfolio structure and provide insights on product positioning as well as uncovering unseen potential and gaps within the portfolio. In addition, a strong brand language will help you to speed up the design process, efficiently manage the use of materials, benefit from advantages of scale, etc ...

Example: Barco, Bringme, Televic

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