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We’re excited to make things better by continuously pushing for better things,

impacting the world with positive change.

As a design & innovation studio we partner with business and project owners on design & innovation challenges that

  • Are too essential to stay in ideation
  • & too complex to go straight to delivery.

Are you looking to turn challenges into positive impact - for people, planet and profit?


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MADE office 2019

About your partner for ideation & realisation

Our promise is simple: We like solving complex design problems that grow the business, by looking through the eyes of the user.

We discover opportunities, excite project teams & realise relevant change with every delivery.

How did we grow to the design agency we are today? It all started with the founders. I guess the eagerness that characterises Simon and Timothy must have rubbed off on both our team and our clients.

Timothy Macken & Simon de Smet - Founders of Made Design & Innovation

The secret ingredients to the Made recipe

What have we learned since starting ‘Made’ in 2006? Balance. Designing for impact is about balancing deliverables. We have learned to operate on the tipping point of pushing to the edge & stepping to the finish. Doing ‘the right thing the right way’ became a way of thinking.

5 core actions that guarantee our design success:

  1. Excite #ChangeTheGame

    Are we exciting enthusiasm and inspiring to explore new use cases/technologies/markets?

  2. Push #OneStepFurther

    Are we accelerating the process? Are we challenging the client / pushing them to go one step further? Are we showing them what’s next?

  3. Synergize #Together

    Who should be involved? Are we combining the right skills for the optimal outcomes? Are the right combo of people working together?

  4. Impact #CutTheCrap

    Is this essential to deliver impact? Are we doing enough or are we talking too much? Are we making it tangible?

  5. HumanFirst #HumanFirst

    Who benefits from these decisions? Are we solving a real problem for real people? Did we remember we’re Tech Agnostics?

What (else) can we tell you about the made design agency?

  • Outside Made Design Innovation Office

    The name Made

    A contraction of the family names “Macken & de Smet”.

  • Made Design Innovation Office

    The work

    We deliver a combination of challenging & creating. Putting both verbs in ‘design-thinking’ to good use.

  • The team

    Employing the most invigorating people, a mix of strategic, design, technology & business talent in a process of synergy.

  • The Culture, Covid edition

    Big thanks to our HR team to come up with all those great ideas to #sticktogether while working remote. During the Corona confinement it's not easy to stay in touch, but we sure had a lot of fun with these initiatives!

  • Made Designers collaborating on Polyvision Motif

    The growth

    From product design to innovation strategy, Made has grown into a multidisciplinary platform assisting everything from strategic insights to testing & delivering on service, product, digital & business design.

  • Kitchen office Made

    The location

    Feel free to visit us in our brand new Berchem (Antwerp) Office, right next to the station.

We had success in the past & we would like to work with you in the future

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  • 1% returning customers

  • 1 products designed

Discover our work in the design portfolio, or shop for expertise in our innovation, co-creation & delivery services. If convinced: Get us excited in a one-on-one conversation.

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People at made design & innovation agency

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Made is an amazing combination of different kinds of talent. We have built a team that's able to deliver top-end quality, while staying agile, focused and relevant. We will keep on expanding as a thriving innovation platform to become a reference in the European innovation market. We will spare no effort to unite international top talent in design, innovation, technology and business.

Do you love working on projects from A to Z? Do you want to work in a place where digital and physical meet? Are you looking for a place with a human-first culture? Do you want to work on products and services that make a difference?

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