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Sustainable Innovation & Design

Positive impact on people, planet, profit

We need to act now. We need better solutions. We need to innovate for a better world.

We use the power of design and innovation to challenge the status-quo and come up with better solutions. At Made we combine behaviour research, eco-design, business modelling and digital expertise to define, design and deliver impactful new products, services and business models.

How will you contribute to a more sustainble future?

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Define your goals with the Sustainable Development Goals canvas

Use the SDG canvas to tailor your goals and start your sustainability journey.

Define Your Focus: Working with the 17 SDGs, pick the 5 that are most important to your company.

Set Goals: Think about your current and projected impact on each goal. How can your company make a difference?

Create A Strategy: Now that you know where you want to impact, create an action plan for how those goals can become reality

Download the SDG Canvas

Circular growth opportunities

We apply design thinking to discover new opportunities with a positive impact.
Together we explore a wide range of ideas and solutions for your business. Whether it’s related to products, services, business models.

Roadmap to net zero

How will your organisation innovate for a better world? In co-creation, we translate ambitious goals into tangible innovation roadmaps. We deliver hands-on visualised action plans to accelerate towards 
a more sustainable future.

Sustainable business models

The circular economy is growing faster than ever. Where can your organisation play a relevant role? We explore, design, build and validate new business models for a circular economy. From idea to revenue.

Sustainable design

We design and develop high quality products with a low environmental footprint. Looking at the complete value chain and lifecycle of the product to come up with better and more sustainable solutions. From the first sketch to the product launch.

Behaviour change

We’ll need to change our behaviour. In co-creation with users and consumers we research, define and design effective strategies. Nudging people into making more sustainable decisions.

Exciting change Pushing delivery

Throughout the past 15 years, Made has partnered with ambitious and innovative brands with a strong focus on sustainability. With a mix of researchers, product, digital and business designers we’ve designed and delivered products and services with a positive impact on people, planet and profit.

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The time to act is now. We push to deliver better products, businesses and solutions that benefit people, planet & profit.

Jonas Burm, Design & Innovation Director at Made

Discover impact potential From challenge to opportunity

How can you reduce the footprint of your products and services? How can you reduce, reuse or recycle to lower your impact?

In co-creation, we audit, research, explore and visualise a wide range of opportunities and ideas to reduce the footprint.

After a first analysis of the current situation, we define the hot spots for improvement and advise a variety of strategies and define new concepts to lower the footprint.

Grow sustainable business From idea to ebitda.

How will your organization grow revenue with a circular business model?

Circular business models open up a variety of opportunities to grow the business within planetary boundaries.

Together with a multidisciplinary design and innovation team, we will explore, design and validate new business models and propositions.

Innovate sustainably From goal to tangible roadmap.

What does the roadmap towards a more sustainable future look like?
What challenges will you tackle and how?

Together we define the roadmap on how to get there and what initiatives by whom will be necessary to achieve certain goals.

In co-creation, we deliver a visual and hands-on roadmap, based on in-depth insights. Balancing bold ambition with down to earth actionability.

Join forces for a more sustainable future. Let’s have a chat.

Eager to discuss creative ideas and solutions with a positive impact?

Made's Sustainable Innovation and Design Director Jonas Burm is available to discuss them with you. Together we can find a way to apply the design thinking method to the unique challenges of sustainability.

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