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Throughout the past 15 years, Made has built a vast legacy in defining, designing & developing connected products and solutions at the crossroad of technologic and user centric innovation.

We bridge the gap between digital and physical solutions into an integrated phygital experience. We apply a human lens to technology and help companies dive deep into the real lived worlds of their users, to define growth and solutions that deliver a lasting impact in the market.

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How we design and deliver game changing solutions

As a multidisciplinary innovation partner, we deliver category-defining products and ensure a product market fit. Our in depth smart product focus is crafted by 15 years of collaboration with innovative brands and defined by somes unique characteristics.

Ensuring market fit

Desirability meets feasibility. We guide our clients to build the right it before building it right. Our triple diamond process conceals numerous validation & co-creation moments to ensure the optimal market fit before development and further elaboration.

Seamless experience

Online, offline, there is no line...
We utilize the full potential of the connected ecosystem bridging embedded electronics and cloud technolgy to create a seamless and connected experience.

Phygital design

We unite a proven legacy of physical product development and engineering skills with digital expertise to build truly phygital experiences. This results in embedded interfaces, integrated mobile applications or connected web platforms.

Sustainable Acceleration

The market behavior is changing for the better and demands ever more sustainable and future proof products and solutions. We help you set ambitious and sustainable goals in this rapidly changing ecosystem and help you translating them into tangible innovation roadmaps and sustainable offerings.

Connected business models

We design compelling solutions and business cases that go hand in hand. This is what we call money & magic. It is our key asset to help clients prevail over the average productivity & efficiency growth.
We connect products to cloud platforms, data to services, solutions to connected business models.

Legacy and in depth industry knowledge

Throughout the past 15 years, Made has partnered with the leading & innovating brands within the technology industry, giving us a privileged and unique vantage point on the future of the industry and enabling us to accelerate innovation and growth.

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Made unlocks the power of user-centric design in our technology driven organisation. Throughout the past decade, their impact has led to numerous gamechangers in our industry.

Bart Deschodt, General manager Televic Conference

Scoping sprint Before building it right, Build the right it.

Innovation involves high risks and doesn’t come cheap, so you better be sure you are betting on the right horse. We deliver a clearly defined product offering, validated by your customers to ensure the optimal product market fit.

From idea to Ebidta Turning ideas into validated offerings, ready to develop & scale.

Your team has tons of ideas, but nothing happens with them. Trust me, you’re not alone. We transform ideas into market validated product offerings & business model hand in hand. This is what we call money & magic.

Direct to consumer Build a deeper connection with your key stakeholders.

The Smart product industry consists out of a lot of stakeholders, influencers and customers. We accelerate the user centric digital transformation by identifying, designing & building new digital touchpoints towards your B2B & B2C stakeholders.

We design the complete user journey and build the proof of concept to test, validate and measure the impact in the market before scaling.

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Eager to discuss creative ideas and solutions within the smart product ecosystem?

Made's Smart product director Simon de Smet is available to discuss them with you. Together we can find a way to apply the design thinking method to the unique challenges of the building industry.

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