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Increase business growth & customer engagement

The building industry is evolving rapidly. New connected opportunities, changing customer behaviour and environmental legislation force us to rethink the future. 
At Made we take a step back to rethink these futures from a human perspective and understand how to maximize the chances on innovation success for our clients.

Made’s unique capabilities in market research, digital user experience and industrial design, together with our business design focus have enabled us to define, design and build award-winning solutions that deliver value, not only for our clients, but also consumers, for cities, infrastructures, and the environment.

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Case study: Renson - Digital ventilation Creating connected added value. How we transformed Renson's Healthbox.

People spend over 90% of their life indoors. Despite this, indoor air pollution stays an underestimated health risk due to a general lack of knowledge.

Together with Renson, we set out to tackle these knowledge and communication gaps with a digital solution.

🏆 IF Design Award, German Design Award, UX Design Award

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Rewatch our latest webinar European Eco Shift - From New Built to Renovation

The construction industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation, sparked by the urgent need for sustainable practices.

In our webinar industry expert Simon de Smet provides a comprehensive overview of the European Eco Shift, a movement that entails the transition from traditional new build projects to innovative opportunities in renovation.

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How we design and deliver game changing solutions

As a multidisciplinary innovation partner, we deliver disruption and ensure a product market fit.
Our in depth building focus is crafted by 15 years of collaboration with innovative brands and defined by somes unique characteristics:

Business Growth

At Made, design is not the goal, it’s a tool to unlock business growth. We design compelling solutions and business cases that go hand in hand. This is what we call the money&magic approach. It is our key asset to help clients prevail over the average productivity & efficiency growth

Customer Engagement

Together we create and build a deeper connection with your key stakeholders. We will help you use the power of digital transformation to its full potential. By scoping & designing new ways to interact with clients, partners and colleagues.

Sustainable Acceleration

The European policy & building industry is changing for the better. We will help you set ambitious and sustainable goals in this rapidly changing ecosystem and help you translating them into tangible innovation roadmaps.

A connected future

We design connected solutions: physical products that link to digital platforms. 
These connected solutions enable new levels of interaction, servitization, data harvesting and revenue streams.

Market Knowledge

15 years of in depth industry knowledge enables our team to get to the point and understand how to maximize the value for our clients.
Our network allows for rapid validation of the innovations & designs with the actual stakeholders. This is how Made ensuree the optimal market fit in a complex and layered market.

Vast Legacy and in depth industry knowledge

Throughout the past 15 years, Made has partnered with leading and innovating brands within the building industry. This gives us a unique vantage point on the future of the industry. And it will enable us to accelerate innovation and growth.

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The connected ecosystem is a game-changer for both Renson and the ventilation market. It shows the future of Renson must be smart & connected

Anneleen Vens, Head digital transformation, Renson

Scoping sprint Before building it right, Build the right it.

Innovation involves high risks and doesn’t come cheap, so you better be sure you are betting on the right horse.

We deliver a clearly defined product offering, validated by your customers to ensure the optimal product market fit.

From idea to Ebitda Turning ideas into validated offerings, ready to develop & scale.

Your team has tons of ideas, but nothing happens with them. Trust me, you’re not alone.

We transform ideas into market validated product offerings & business model hand in hand. This is what we call the money&magic approach

Design Mobile App Renson Healthbox

Direct to consumer Build a deeper connection with your key stakeholders.

The construction industry consists out of a lot of stakeholders, influencers and customers. 
We accelerate the user centric digital transformation by identifying, designing & building new digital touchpoints towards your B2B & B2C stakeholders.

We design the complete user journey and build the proof of concept to test, validate and measure the impact in the market before scaling.

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Eager to discuss creative ideas and solutions within the building ecosystem?

Made's Building Innovation and Design Director Simon de Smet is available to discuss them with you. Together we can find a way to apply the design thinking method to the unique challenges of the building industry.

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