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Baron - Molecular Beer

From molecular mixing technology to MVP in just one year.

Bar.on, a pioneering startup in the beer industry, approached Made with a unique challenge: Translate the science of molecular beer mixing into an intuitive product and brand.

We created a unique brand with an intuitive and desirable product
: a fully working B2C Beer tapping machine to brew 1000 types of beer at home, through mixing different molecules at the tap of a screen.

We gathered deep customer-insights to steer and iterate the MVP in the right direction, through in-depth interviews with beer lovers and beer brewers. These insights helped to focus the product, brand, further R&D and business plan in the fastest way possible.

As a startup, scale-up or existing brand, it is key to discover the right user-needs as soon as possible to focus and refine your product-market fit from the start. This will lead to less pivoting, better funding, and most-of-all: a successful product launch.

Accelerating innovation From lab to prototype in less than a year.

Being a CEO or founder of a new startup, there's nothing more thrilling than bringing a game-changing idea to market. But then comes the big question: how do you bring your idea to the masses? How to turn your vision into a product that people love to buy?

In just under a year
we turned Bar.on's idea into a fully functional brand and product, and captivated both beer lovers and brewers alike.

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Validate your business case before launch Conducting in-depth user interviews with beer enthusiasts.

To create the ultimate beer tapping machine, we went straight to the source: beer lovers. We interviewed casual drinkers and home-brewing enthusiasts both at home and in their favourite bars.

Early prototyping and user observation allowed us to deeply understand the traditions and habits around beer consumption, resulting in a streamlined development and design process that meets the needs, wants, and resolves pain points of our users.

User insights help to uncover blind spots, update your business plan an iterate your MVP in the right direction.

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From brand values to product language Brand and product experience designed the right way: together

Think vacuum cleaner, say Dyson. Smart-phone? Apple. Taxi-on-demand? Uber! How come some brands stand out, or completely redefine the meaning of their industry?

Building a unique brand with a unique experience
helps customers to know what you stand for. Furthermore, it helps your colleagues, stakeholders and even investors to focus throughout the development process. The earlier you start to invest, the more return: a recognisable brand equity, and a roadmap to a future product portfolio.

We helped Bar.on to create a recognisable brand and product experience with unique look, feel and philosophy. We help to define brand values, distilling the main branding elements, interaction principles, visual cues and signature elements to set your company apart in product, digital and online experience.

Designing hardware and software together More than 1000 user-friendly beers packed in one machine.

Users expect a seamless experience between the digital and physical layers of a product. We integrate digital and technical designs with user needs and ergonomics in the design process.

We aligned digital and physical interactions to pour a perfect beer.
We even let users fully customise the taste profile, or play with the strength of alcohol content . And we went beyond; smart products can make complex tasks more or intuitive, think pleasant maintenance or even happy replacement.

Whether you start from the product interface or app. Hosting a dinner party or just settling in for the weekend, Bar.on is designed to provide an inspiring experience every time.

Sustainable beer? Yes we can! Imagine shipping 100% flavour at 92% less weight.

Designed with sustainability in mind, The Bar.on molecular beer brewing machine is ready to revolutionise your beer drinking experience and make a positive impact on the planet at the same time.

Using molecular flavour capsules, Bar.on ships 100% flavour at 90% less volume or weight. The machine users tap water and reduces the shipping of heavy glass bottles of beer. In fact the capsules easily fit through your mailbox.

Innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand, if you dare to re-think your business and product.

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