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Bringme - Delivery service

The hassle of delivering packages turned into an opportunity.

    Based on a vision about the future, Jo Vandebergh (CEO of Bringme) partnered with Made to build a better package delivery ecosystem. The result would go on to reach +250 000 people in office & residential buildings worldwide by 2019.

    From a promising idea to an international scale-up.

    Over the last five years, Bringme delivery boxes have become landmarks in the interiors of apartment lobbies and offices worldwide. Still, the Bringme case started long before the brand 'Bringme' existed.

    We stood with Jo Vandebergh as Bringme grew from rough idea to concept, product and brand. As the brand grows, the roles shift, but the idea stayed the same:

    What makes Bringme a unique delivery box?

    A very pragmatic product, Bringme, was designed to solve frustrations in the last mile of e-commerce delivery. The design is not only beautiful; it is intuitive in interaction and placement.

    Bringme Service placement strategy

    Most solutions force people to detour. When going from home (point a) to work (point b), it is a hassle to retrieve packages at the postal office (point c). The existing services, competing for postal box offerings, did not eliminate that. Since no project developer was willing to integrate industrial looking metal boxes in his lobby, you still had to deviate your route.

    Thanks to strategic scoping & touchpoint analysis, Made was able to solve that problem by pioneering a high-end segment in parcel delivery solutions, welcomed by both residential as office building developers.

    Analyse & prototype to define the scope

    Aiming for less failed deliveries and lower local CO2 emissions, Jo Vandebergh turned to Made to create a postal delivery box for the 'Balk van Beel'-project.

    As times changed and e-commerce grew, so did the idea of commercializing the concept.

    Made went to work on a proof of concept:

    1. User research: Gathering user insights, outlining all user touchpoints, developing the most streamlined and sustainable package and home delivery service.
    2. Market research: Parcels that come in different sizes and don’t always fit ‘the’ box and every service provider has its way of work.
    3. Prototyping: Building, testing and iterating different physical and digital aspects of the postal delivery, aiming for excellent user experience.
    The BringMe Box opens up automatically, with the backlight & mirror adding an 'aha' moment to retrieving packages.
    Basic prototype of a BringMe structure to analyse postal needs & user flow..

    Testing & Analysing Dimensions

    We are finding the balance between user ergonomics and compatibility, with parcel dimensions of delivery services & shops.

    Bringme User interace screens

    Designing a product to design a venture

    A few thousand employees tested and validated delivery boxes at their offices — a live testing ground for the Bringme proof of concept.
    Once the full experience got approved, Made shifted focus from designing a product, to supporting the Bringme venture.

    Made assisted in the full spectrum:

    1. Designing and developing the parcel delivery box
    2. Sourcing the parts and suppliers to ensure a fit pricepoint
    3. Building marketing assets to ensure brand coherence and uniformity across the entire ecosystem and
    4. Creating a digital ecosystem experience by designing both the kiosk as the mobile application

    Throughout this partnership, Made's role would continue to shift with the needs of a growing company.

    From application to accessory

    Bringme stands for a complete ecosystem;
    ranging from the delivery box over user applications, software integrations to the smallest accessory enabling the optimal user experience for all stakeholders involved.

    Proof of concept to mass production

    The first Bringme delivery boxes demanded a lot of handwork at a high cost, as we initially designed them to be manufactured in small quantities

    These field labs, equipped with extra sensors & radars researching the users' behaviour, allowed Bringme to enter the market while growing the internal operations for volume.

    As a next step in the Bringme story, our team focussed on optimizing the industrial design for business profit at higher volumes. The delivery box was revisited, by keeping the unique design-DNA but changing the architecture, materials & tooling for mass production.

    Horizon 1 to horizon 2

    When Bringme's operations became mature, Made's focus shifted towards future growth of the product portfolio. To this day we continue to work with Bringme on their future growth as their design & innovation partner.

    Product to Portfolio

    As an entrepreneur with a good idea, you want to start building a prototype, a company and a business. But it's seldom smart to try to do everything by yourself.

    The story of Bringme's growth shows the versatility that Made has, going from physical & digital product design to early venture & brand building, supporting the internal process & finally helping you to scale the business.

    Design management leading to emotional, intiutive & recognizable design

    Nowadays Bringme focusses on growth, our team at Made focusses on the quality of design while delivering on the needs of new markets & clients.

    We guard the expanding portfolio: The seamless digital-physical integration which makes the brand recognisable.

    • The integrated hard- & software is enabling one user experience with notifications on delivery, automatically assigning the right boxes to the proper deliveries.
    • The consistent tile-design applied in the physical boxes, the digital app & all the marketing touchpoints.
    • The enhanced experience of receiving, through self-opening boxes equipped with mirrors & green lighting effects sustain the unique Bringme positioning in the market.

    We are guarding the emotional design, the intuitive interaction & the recognisable assets while supporting Bringme for the next step.

    People at made design & innovation agency

    Are you ready to scale?

    Some take-aways for you, when moving from idea to first product to scalable business:

    • Invest in brand equity

      It doesn’t matter how big you grow. Having a recognisable face throughout, lets you build value while you build your portfolio/business.

    • Take the time to learn:

      Bringme’s first offering had more lenses & radars than needed, enabling us to learn and steer, optimising for value. You can ask us about that. We have options and reasons to prototype.

    • The right product is one part of the magic. But growing a business around it is the other. Find a partner that can help you when for shaping the path. It is a big part of success.

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