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Televic - Lingua Interpreter Desk

Redefined industry conventions. Became category thoughtleader

Televic confidea flex in use
  • 1 Design Awards

When we started this project Televic voiced the ambition to grow its market position. This ambition empowered us to design the Lingua Interpreter Desk, positioning Televic as a brand to lead and redefine the rules of the game.

For Televic, and our status as an innovation partner, the interpreter desk is a milestone product shaping the future of both companies.

Televic confidea flex in use

The interpreter desk was a game-changer for Televic Conference. It unlocked the power of user-centric design in our organisation.

Bart Deschodt, General manager Televic Conference

Not a new product. A new generation of the product category

The institutional conference market followed the guidelines for tenders to the tee, creating generic products that ought to be ‘good enough’ on paper but therefore didn’t address all the user's needs. Televic set out to leap forward and stir the stagnated market.

We discovered a vast amount of user insights where no-one was looking - in conference centres and amongst the users. Throughout a series of interviews and observations, we mapped every move and decision of the interpreters, gaining insights into their everyday work. Our concept ended up defying the European tender convention on multiple topics, clearing the way for a new generation of products.

Consumer Research: Simon Desmedt observing interpreters for Made

Televic Lingua extends the human thoughts & movements

As Televic voiced the ambition to challenge a stagnated segment within the Conference ecosystem by redesigning the interpreter solution from the ground up, it enabled Made to start with a blank sheet, redefining the rules of the game.

Interpreters long for a product that is as intuitive and fast as their brains. They continuously make split-second decisions and need the tools to do so too.
With that filter in mind, Televic & Made groomed the insights and translated the findings into tangible concepts and low fidelity prototypes. Ultimately every concept was experienced, tested and iterated with the end-users before any final design decision was made.

Prototype Televic - Iteration workshop Tolkpost
Kartonnen Prototype Televic - Iteration workshop Tolkpost

Design the Televic Lingua Hardware

Not only did Televic upgrade the interpreter desk with small tweaks and functional features, for example adding braille for the significant percentage of interpreters who are visually impaired, or providing headphone outlets on both sides for desks used by freelancers.

The main leap forward on user feedback and experience lies in the seamless integration of both hardware and software.

The unobtrusive design choices, both on the digital and mechanical features would support the brand's new position on the market: qualitative colours and material splits, a low profile and recognizable LED indications would support the growing Televic brand recognition.

Schets Product: Design Televic Lingua
Televic lingua product shot mic

User centric approach leading to award winning design

Adding insights from various interviews, observations and focus groups, ‘The Lingua Interpreter Desk’ became a natural extension of the interpreters’ thoughts and movements; offering all the benefits of modern technology.

It is no longer a distraction. It is an added-value tool which fits in seamlessly with the interpreter's routine. It adds efficiency and lowers the number of human errors significantly. This user-centric way of working leads to desired products that are popular with both users & juries - recognized by multiple international design & innovation awards.

Design Televic Lingue interpreter desk back with mic OFF
MADE office lounge 2019

Build the product to become thoughtleader

This product was multi-award-winning and created momentum to realise the more significant transformation.

Televic’s innovation processes now consider design and development from the most important perspective: that of the end-users, creating a competitive advantage in a tech-centric market.

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