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Televic healthcare - Push Pear

Redesigning the push pear so it complements the all new AQURA nurse call ecosystem.

  • 1 Years in-use lifespan

  • 100 % Brand DNA fit

Televic Healthcare approached Made to redesign their infamous Push Pear. Previously supporting Televic Healthcare with the design and design language of their product portfolio, Made was able to create a new Push Pear that fits the Televic Healthcare DNA. Another main objective for the client was to harmonize innovation, cost reduction, longevity (up to 15 years) and the valued ergonomics of the current tool. Made designed the new device so it can be welded ultrasonically and reduced the complexity of the internal components. Both leading up to a lower manufacturing cost.

Thought Through Product Ergonomics

We divided the front face of the Push Pear in 3 distinctive zones: 
The top zone is dedicated to the primary function: the nurse call button. In the middle area the the secondary features like light control and entertainment are positioned. And at the lowest zone sits the branding.

As important as the front is the design of the rear. Through prototyping, Made was able to validate the ergonomics of the Push Pear to make it fit the hand of a patient perfectly.

Patient first

Unmistakably, self explanatory ergonomics were a key USP of the previous model that we had to retain. Made kept the positive aspects of the existing model and ameliorated the overall ergonomics even more by intelligent button placement and design. Using CAD modelling 3D printed prototypes, we were able to test various options with multiple stakeholders and iterate very quickly towards the final, optimal design.

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