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Polyvision - Collaborative Toolbar

Designing a toolset to intuitively support collaboration.

  • 1 Pieces sold the first year

  • 1 IDA design award

Challenge Design a premium accessory kit to accompany PolyVision’s high quality whiteboards

After designing their new modular whiteboards, we were asked to design a premium accessory kit to accompany PolyVision’s high end whiteboards. The new design should offer a qualitative alternative for existing marker and eraser sets and strengthen the identity of Polyvision products in the market by providing “a face “ to the generic, 2D looks of a white board.

Solution Collaborative Toolbar

The new design holds all the tools and features you need to facilitate your collaboration session in an intuitive way. Always at hand, it doesn’t have a learning curve hence avoiding any distraction and being able to fully focus on your collaborative work.

Next to that all parts of the product are made out of long lasting materials, but can easily be taken apart for optimal recycling when the time comes

Together with the Polyvision team we went from A-Z, not just designing a new product fitting their current brand language, but also validating the concepts with real users, guarding this design throughout the whole development process and creating the packaging and marketing assets.

Portfolio management
Industrial design
Rendering & visualisation
Packaging design
User testing

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