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Go circular sprint

Discover opportunities to grow a circular business

Discover new opportunities for sustainable growth and define a circular business model with our 
Go circular sprint.

Our sprint approach enables you to identify circular opportunities, develop circular business models, and define a hands-on approach to take action!

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Is your business ready for the circular economy?

Discover opportunities to grow your business sustainably with our Go circular sprint.

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Step 01 Intake & scan

Together we align on what success looks like, practicalities and the next steps! 

We dig into your organisation, the products and processes, the value chain and key stakeholders and partners.

Based on the input, we prepare the workshops tailored to your case and industry.

Step 02 Get inspired and discover tons of opportunities

During a half day workshop we:

  • Inject inspiration and best practices from your industry
  • Discover circular opportunities
  • Come up with first circular concepts and ideas to explore further

Step 03 Develop circular business models

During a second half day workshop, we continue to work together on the most interesting ideas, define the business model, the circular value chain and land on an approach to validate the concepts.

We give hands-on tips and templates for the team to continue working on the concepts!

Step 04 Define the action plan and grow circular

Define the next steps to take to really make an impact with the circular business models.

Together we define a hands-on roadmap and list of next actions launch and scale the business model!

Ready to innovate for a
 circular future!

Step 05 Present the roadmap to circularity

Present the visualised roadmap, filled with initiatives, challenges and projects to the team. A blueprint to transform the business for maximal circularity!

Kringwinkel Repair as a service

We helped Kringwinkel set up a Repair pilot shop in less than 3 months.

Ecover Join the refillution

We helped Ecover envision, define and scale the Refill model

Mivas Cleaning as a service

Discovered, defined and validated circular reusable packaging propositions in FMCG for Mivas.

Living Lab Circular Textile

Made is a founding partner together with the University of Antwerp of a circular Textile Lab

At Made, we're committed to accelerating circular models

With experience in the circular economy, we look into the
desirability, viability and feasibility of different models.

What would a repair as a service model look like?
How could you set up a second hand offering?
How could you set up a refurbished offering?
Is your product ready for ‘Right to repair’?

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What you'll get

  • Inspiration injection on sustainability in your industry 🧠
  • An overview of circular opportunities for your company ♻️
  • Hands-on output in less than a month 📆
  • An inspired and engaged team 💪

I have been working for over 10 years with Made and still feel the same passion and commitment from the team. Over the years, Made have been crucial in supporting us to go after some bold and pioneering innovation.

Tom Domen, Global innovation manager Ecover & Method

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